2018 IOIA Artists:


These are the members of the Vienna Philharmonic, who will serve as tutors for the International Orchestra Institute Attergau 2018:


Rainer Honeck, Violin

Christoph Koncz, Violin/Conductor

Tibor Kovac, Violin

Helmut Zehetner, Violin/Conductor

Maxim Brilinsky, Violin

Holger Groh, Violin

Alina Pinchas, Violin

Tobias Lea, Viola

Michael Strasser, Viola

Thomas Hajek, Viola

Franz Bartolomey, Cello

David Pennetzdorfer, Cello/Strings

Ödön Racz, Double Bass

Silvia Careddu, Flute

Karlheinz Schütz, Flute/Winds

Harald Hörth, Oboe

Hans Hindler, Clarinet/Winds

Sophie Dartigalongue, Bassoon

Thomas Jöbstl, Horn

Josef Reif, Horn


Please note that this list is not complete yet and will be updated continuously!